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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Harkness 3

For our third Harkness Discussion, we were paired with House Full of Poisonous Creatures group. Please listen to our discussion with lots of talking. Almost all of the discussion is on the pages 178 to 229, except for those people who read past page 299 and spoiled some things. I had to use lots of self control to not read past the suspenseful ending of chapter 22, only to see that others just read past it. Anyway, the best part of the discussion was when Tom asked, "What character are you most attached to?". Everyone said Matt and gave several reasons as to why they picked him. Some reasons were that we know more about him, and that pretty much the whole book is more from his point of view. As for the more talkative individuals, we tried our best to make sure that they, he, wasn't always the one talking, sometimes meaning that we needed to cut him off a bit. For the quieter individuals in the group, well, everyone seemed to be pretty engaged, so we dodged that bullet. For our next discussion, it should be much like this one. This was a very good discussion, better than all of the others, in my opinion. The only problem with this one was that it was about a minute over the time limit of 10 minutes. Talk to you again soon!

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